How to Teach the Weather to your Kids with a Jacket!

Welcome my Mommy and Daddy friends! You are here to find out the best strategy to teach your kids to learn and love the weather.

Did you know that the more your kids are engaged in everyday activities, they are far more likely to adapt and learn about their surroundings? So let's get started:

Ask your kid, "what is the weather like today?"

Depending on his or her age, you're not going to get an answer right off the bat. So here is your chance:

Describe what you see outside and how it makes you feel. Is it cloudy, sunny, snowing or raining? Chances are you might spot a rainbow. Elaborate on how the weather makes their body feels. Does it make you feel warm or chilly? Does it make you feel happy or sad? Toddlers experience a series of emotions in any given day and speaking about the weather will encourage a healthy open dialogue.

‘Behold the first ever Interactive Weather Report Parka Jacket!

 Interactive Weather Report Parka Jacket

 A Jacket created to make learning fun and boost your child's independence.

The Jacket comes with 5 different pockets.

1. Cloudy Pocket: Use it on a very overcast or partly cloudy day

2. Sunny Pocket: Use it on a sunny day or even on a partly sunny day

3. Umbrella Pocket: Use it for light drizzles or rainy days

4. Snow Flake Pocket: Use it on flurries day or  when it is super snowy.

5. Rainbow:This pocket is like the wild card. Use it just because! Make it fun!

Happy Shopping! Happy Learning




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